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My BBQARM feels unstable?
The BBQARM has been trialed and tested for years. It is a free-standing swing away table with no legs or support posts.  

If you feel the BBQARM is slightly unstable there are a few things you can try. 
1. Drop the round section of your arm further into your Drawbar or Vehicle mount. 
2. Turn your Universal Drawbar Mount 180 degrees which allows your arm to be supported across the drawbar.
3. Store your BBQARM over the drawbar and only swing it out when cooking 
4. Use a support post under the arm
5. Ensure your caravan support legs are down and secure. 
My BBQARM bounces when I am in my caravan?
As the BBQARM is suspended from your caravan there will be some natural movement when moving around inside the van. With over 8000+ kits sold we have never had a BBQ bounce off the BBQARM!

There are a few different things that could be causing this. 
- The weight of your BBQ
- The length of your arm 
- The suspension of your caravan 

If you would like some suggestions on how to minimise the bounce please refer to the "My BBQARM feels unstable?" section.
    I think I need a support post for my BBQARM
    If you would like us to make you a custom support post, please contact us at
    My BBQARM-Mate will not fit on my Jockey Wheel?
    The BBQARM-MATE is designed to clamp to 48mm round tube. If your jockey wheel shaft is not 48mm round it will simply not work. 

    The BBQARM-MATE will also clamp to the round tube arm section of your BBQARM. 
    I am unable to loosen the Clamp Bolt?
    If you are having trouble loosening the bolt of the clamp with your hand please try using a shifter or a 20mm spanner.  
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